A-Z Topic Ideas: Bicycle Mechanic & Bookkeeper

Blog Topic Ideas: Bicycle Mechanic, Bookkeeper
Whether helping clients do what they love or do what they must, your blog is the key to proving why you’re the best choice to get them back on the road or back to business.

Bicycle Mechanic

Audience objectives:

  • bike enthusiasts (power cyclers, racers & commuters) — to share info about the latest gear, performance tips, and specialty parts or enhancements you can install/perform
  • casual / pleasure riders — to remind inexperienced or infrequent cyclers to care for and maintain their bikes and assure them that you are their reliable and knowledgeable “go to” resource

Blog topic ideas:

  • stories and photos of bike projects, restorations and old clunkers brought back to life
  • merits of component repair or restoration versus replacement
  • reviews and discussion of new and preferred gear, parts and accessories
  • review of bike models and styles for both power and casual cyclists
  • buying guides for cycling accessories, including bike racks, helmets, trailers, and supplies
  • “performance” or specialty enhancements to match various riding styles
  • tips for performing basic ongoing and seasonal maintenance (with links back to your related service packages)
  • checklist for getting a bike ready for a race or long excursion
  • bicycle and riding safety tips
  • local cycling news (such as bike lane planning, municipal bylaws, and ideal routes for commuting)
  • promote local road races and cycle tours
  • tales of real-world racing or cycling experiences (both local and global)
  • your availability for repair services at local events and races

Real-world examples: Spoke Service and The Bicycle Mechanic


Audience objectives:

  • current clients — to educate clients on best practices for handling their financial affairs and to outline tips for maintaining a productive, cost-effective working relationship with you (including managing expectations and establishing realistic goals)
  • prospective clients — to position your services as a step beyond the average bookkeeper and to demonstrate how your expertise helps your clients better plan and manage their finances

Blog topic ideas:

  • comparison reviews of various small business bookkeeping software (ie, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Freshbooks)
  • shortcuts for working more easily in your preferred software
  • explanation of basic accounting principles with real-world examples/case studies relevant to your target audience
  • explanation of how to use standard financial reports (such as the cash flow statement) to guide business decisions
  • tools and techniques for organizing and recording receipts, at work and on the road
  • suggestions for ways to save money when working with a bookkeeper (and also make your life easier!)
  • insider tips on what to expect  from and how to have a great working relationship with your accountant
  • interviews with professionals also serving your target audience, such as incorporation or patent lawyers, IT professionals, virtual assistants, graphic designers, web designers, marketing consultants

Real-world examples: CF Grow and Sum Bookkeeper

What is the A-Z Blog Topic Ideas series all about?

Throughout the year, I’ll brainstorm blog topic ideas for a variety of service-based professionals and small businesses. Use these writing topics to spark an idea for your next business blog post!

If any of these ideas inspire an upcoming blog post, please share it in the comments below!
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