Our Website Packages Are Designed to Attract New Clients For You

Leverage The Same Marketing Techniques As Businesses 10 Times Your Size

You don’t have to be a gigantic corporation to take advantage of the latest marketing techniques on your site. With our sites, you can start small, and add to your site as your business grows. You won’t outgrow the site and need something new in a few years.

If Your Web Designer Doesn’t Understand Marketing, Find One Who Does

You want your new site to take full advantage of the latest internet marketing strategies. You’re buying a site to increase your sales and attract new clients. Find someone who understands how to make your website into your greatest marketing tool—without the marketing effort taking a lot of your work time.

Our website packages are meticulously designed to market your business for you. There is no “fluff” in any of these packages. Every single detail is precisely thought out. There’s a marketing goal behind each decision we’ve made. The packages were designed in a “modular” way, so that you could start from where you are, and grow your website as you grow your business.

Website Creation

Results-Driven Website Design Package

For a new (or revamped) website to promote your business online, this package is perfect. It has everything you need to market your business. Every conceivable marketing functionality is built into site structure from the start. You can (in effect) “turn on” features like a blog and an e-mail newsletter when you are ready to commit to them. Your easy-to-use WordPress site is packed with marketing tools to deliver your results — new business. Learn more about the Results-Driven Website Design Package.

Marketing Strategy for After the Launch

Peak Performance Package

Once your site is launched, this package is designed to optimize your results. Unfortunately, most site owners do nothing with their websites once they’re completed. They fall victim to the misconception that launching a site is the end of the process — but it’s only the beginning. Peak Performance provides ongoing consultation with an expert about your web marketing strategy. You know what’s happening on your site, complete with statistics and reports, and you know what to do about it. Have someone “on call” to make the changes that improve site performance. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Be informed and knowledgeable making site marketing decisions. Realize consistent and measurable progress. Learn more about marketing strategy and the Peak Performance Package.

Under-performing (or Neglected) Websites

Website Triage Package

This package is for the entrepreneur whose website is not working. It’s not generating revenue, leads, sales, or contacts from your target market. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and expense but it seems like no matter what you do, your website just “sits there”. Not enough visitors show up. When they do, they’re not visiting many pages. They land on your homepage and immediately click away. They don’t follow your calls to action. To top it off, you’re worried whether your site is secure from hackers and malicious intrusions.

We do Website Triage and figure out what’s wrong. We analyze the copy, the website design, and your system for collecting and communicating with prospects and clients. Even if you already have a web developer, use our written report to guide them in transforming your site into an amazing lead-generation tool. Contact us to learn more.


WordPress Training

Our WordPress training is tailored to independent professionals who are struggling to update or maintain their WordPress websites. If you’re unsure that you know enough about WordPress to manage your site on your own, we can teach you how to use Word Press like a pro!

From the basics of WordPress through time-saving techniques — like advanced styling options, scheduled publishing, customizing the dashboard and page options, reverting to earlier versions, and adding meta data — we help you feel confident in your ability to keep your site up-to-date and secure. Learn more about WordPress Training.

Stay-in-Touch Email Marketing

<Captivating Email> List Management Tool

Email marketing by building an email list and regularly staying in touch with your target audience is a key step in growing your business. Our <Captivating Email> List Management Tool makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters and view stunning reports, all from within your web browser. Plus using <Captivating Email> is incredibly user-friendly so it’s easy for you to send out perfectly-formatted newsletters on your schedule, with no extra support costs. Build your brand with custom email templates designed to match your website. Check out all the features included with <Captivating Email>.

Where To Next?

Now that you have an overview of our services, click each link above and explore the services in depth. We’ve designed these packages so that no matter what situation you’re in with your web marketing, we’ve got a package that fits your needs.

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