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We Make It Our Business to Deliver Websites That Automatically Market for You…

…Not Just “Sit Around” Looking Pretty

We’re not just about good looking websites. Our sites are attractive—but, more importantly they are built to market you, with the least amount of effort on your part. There’s little point in having a website that doesn’t do anything to attract new business. No one should—or would intentionally—invest the money for a site that does nothing but take up space on your web server (even though it happens every day).

Here’s what you can expect from our relationship marketing focused websites:

  1. You get a professional quality website that captures and holds visitors’ attention. When they land on your site, visitors make split-second decisions to stay or to click away, so your website must make an immediate positive impression. Not only do our sites grab visitors’ attention the moment they arrive, we also provide you the means to develop ongoing relationships with targeted prospects.
  2. Your website is built to market your business. Relationship marketing is a primary objective in the design of our websites. You don’t get just a static website, you get one that makes it easy for you to continuously add new, relevant content—your key tactic to boost search rankings and demonstrate your advantage over competitors.
  3. Your site will stand out amongst competitors. Anyone can put up a generic website (with generic results), but you want a captivating website that “steals” sales away from competitors. When your target market does a search for services like yours, they will be comparing your site to others who sell what you sell. We make it our business to capture those targeted prospects for YOUR business.
  4. Sites we build are easy-to-update. It’s a snap to add new web pages and change existing text. You have total control over your own site and update schedule. Of course, we can also do that for you, but you’ve got the flexibility to do it yourself if you choose.
  5. We help you craft compelling content that makes visitors take action. We’ll hone and polish your message and make it crystal clear to your target market. We also design the text so that your visitors can easily figure out what you do when they only scan the headlines and bolded words. Plenty of site visitors are too impatient to read the full text, and want the “quick version” before they decide to read everything in depth. We make sure that they get a clear idea in a quick cursory look.
  6. You can trust that we will consistently entice your visitors toward taking that next step to doing business with you. A great website leaves a virtual “trail of bread crumbs” guiding visitors to the next step. Our sites effectively take your target market by the hand and lead them through your business offerings and toward working with you. Even if they’re not ready to work with you immediately, we’ll encourage them to join your mailing list so you can stay in touch and gradually convert them into clients.
  7. You can also opt for ongoing, continuous support after the launch. We don’t disappear once your site goes online. We grow with you as you develop the content and solutions that solve your clients’ biggest problems. When you work with us, you have a long-term partner who is as invested in your company’s profitability and achievement as you are.

We Want You to Understand the Values We Base Our Business On

Every business is built on a set of core values. When you’re considering hiring a web designer or marketer, examine the principles they abide by to see if they are a fit for you. Here are ours:

Appearance Isn’t Everything

One of the biggest shortcomings among web designers is a fixation on ONLY the appearance of the site. Unfortunately, pretty isn’t enough. As web strategists and usability analysts, we won’t settle for a site that is only pretty – our designs are just one part of a successful whole. It’s a bit like the pretty gal or guy who has an empty head. They just don’t do much for you after awhile.

Our Sites Must Include All Three Key Factors for Relationship Marketing Results

A website must do a lot more for your business than just “sit there.” There are three proven key factors required for successful web marketing:

  1. Design that attracts and holds the attention of visitors, and makes it easy to navigate your site and learn about your business
  2. Technology that allows you to capture leads, and develop long-term relationships with prospects
  3. Marketing content that sells your business, gives all the details, and answers all the questions

Focusing on only one or even two of these elements is just not enough. Every website we develop encompasses all three of these key factors. We’ve continuously studied and honed our small business marketing techniques so that we feel confident our sites provide you—built in—all the functionality you need to market successfully.

We’re consistently researching and adapting to new technology to keep our clients at the leading edge of best practices for small business marketing. We actively collaborate with other skilled professionals to be sure that we can deliver to you a comprehensive, well-rounded solution.

Working in Phases Ensures That Clients Get to Stay Focused on Making Money—Not Making a Website

We’ve been developing web marketing strategies for entrepreneurs for over 13 years. In that time, it’s become obvious that a business website project has the potential to be very disruptive to the flow of your revenue. Our process is specifically designed to minimize the time you spend away from earning money and doing what you love.

Part of how we do that is to work in stages. For example, this might mean starting with your website and blog. Later, we’d add on an email marketing system. Once that’s running smoothly, we build a social media plan. Not only is this the best way to help you stay on top of your revenue-earning commitments but it also keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you manage and budget for your web costs over time.

This phased approach also helps our clients really understand and feel comfortable with each element of their relationship marketing before introducing the next. They can fully deploy each phase and get it operating at maximum efficiency before they move on to the next step. In addition, working this way helps us—as a team—use the results from those initial stages to inform and improve each next step.

If You’re Not Measuring Your Web Success, You Aren’t Optimizing Your Web Results

After launch, the majority of website owners fail to take the next steps of measuring and monitoring their website results. Instead, they just haphazardly wait expectantly for the leads, contacts and new business to roll in. They are almost always disappointed because they don’t realize the most important aspect of owning a website —success is measurable!

What most website owners don’t understand is that clearly defined objectives must guide every aspect of your web marketing and inform all of your content and calls to action. Success centers on knowing exactly why you’re marketing and what you want to achieve—and measuring your results against those objectives. After your website, email or social media goes live, we use your objectives to set up measurable goals that can be tracked over time.

We don’t just hand you the website and say, “Good luck with that. Hope it works out.” What we offer is ongoing monitoring and analysis of your web results against your objectives, and consistent fine tuning and refinement to make sure we’re successful. Typical goals include growing your email subscriber list, reducing hours spent on customer support, or increasing the number of new prospects requesting more information. After you launch, we will support you in your ongoing quest for a successful website—in real numbers, not guesswork—without requiring you to spend time away from the work you love.

Increased Business, Revenue, and Web Success Are the Bottom Line If You Work With Us

The heart of every service we offer is to deliver the site traffic and visitor response our professional clients depend on for their livelihoods. We know there are a lot of web designers out there. What sets Arch Web Marketing apart is our focus on web marketing strategies that are proven to get results for service-based professionals.

Our clients appreciate our clear, step-by-step process and our focus on results. They love the way that our websites facilitate an easy connection with their target market. What was once a sequence of never-ending “must do’s” turn into a smoothly operating relationship marketing machine. With our sites, clients enjoy the process of interacting with their audience. It’s easy and simple. It is the tool that enables them to move their business to the next level almost effortlessly. (link to case studies)

Your web marketing process begins with a one-on-one strategy session where we learn where you are now and paint a clear picture of your business vision and goals for the future. With those goals and vision firmly in mind, we employ a step-by-step approach for your website design and relationship marketing to ensure that your site inspires visitors to action.

Together we’ll develop a complete long-term system that gives you full control over your relationship marketing strategies, including website, blog, email marketing, and social media.

Where to Next?

Now that you know who we work with and what it would be like to work with a Calgary web designer, discover Arch Web Marketing’s web solutions.

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