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Peak Performance Package:

You’ve Got the Site – Now Make Certain It Brings In the Business

Kick Off Your Website Marketing Strategy

You’ve got a site, but do you know what to do with your site—after the launch—to bring in new business? Most new websites are virtually invisible. Unfortunately, many stay that way for far too long because the website owner lacks the technical expertise to make the most of their website investment.

The primary problem is that you don’t have an effective marketing strategy to bring in new business with your website. You don’t know how to maximize interactions with your target market. You don’t have the technical skill to understand and interpret web statistics and other web marketing results. You’re an expert in your own field, but an amateur at website marketing.

Your time is better—and more enjoyably and profitably spent—delivering your services. You don’t want to spend your time researching, studying, and interpreting what to do with your site. You’re not going to stay on top of all the latest web marketing practices. You need someone to strategize the web promotion with you. You want to get the best results from your site, and to get them while minimizing your time commitment to the effort.

Launching a New Site Is Exciting

Ongoing Strategic Site Management Is Not

You’re excited when you first launch your new website. You celebrate completing that major project. Unfortunately, many site owners do not realize that launch is not the end of the process. It’s the beginning of ongoing site promotion. What happens after the site is launched is what makes all the difference in your site results.

You want new prospects, clients, revenue, and business to come from your website. Unfortunately, you don’t get these results without taking ongoing strategic action. What happens with most entrepreneurs is that the day-to-day work of their business gets in the way of the continuous implementation of their web marketing strategy. Your goal is for your site to attract new business from your target market.

If you’ve ever launched a new website, you’re probably familiar with the following challenges.

  1. You don’t have the expertise to get the web marketing results you want. You know you want more — more leads, more prospects, more email list subscribers, more clients, more revenue, and more visibility from your site. But you don’t know what to do to get those results. You realize it’s a time-consuming project that requires specialized (and continually evolving) knowledge. You’ve finally accepted that you simply do not have the time and expertise it takes to get the results you expect without professional help.
  2. You try to “patch together” a web marketing strategy, trying different ideas and providers. Your objectives aren’t clear, and they certainly aren’t being realized. You know enough to have vague ideas about what should be possible, but don’t have enough information to make sure you (and your providers) are doing the right things. You feel like you’re desperately jumping on every idea that comes along—without ever being sure if anything is working. You don’t want to spend your time and energy executing a scattershot approach with unpredictable results.
  3. Your business takes all your time, and your marketing strategy is neglected. You’re busy delivering services to clients. It’s not a good investment of your time to spend it learning and managing website details. You want to be involved, but not to have to be responsible for the day-to-day tasks. The last thing you need is a “second job” of making sure your web marketing delivers on consistently over the long run.

Have a Site That Attracts New Clients Without Eating Up Your Valuable Time

Stop Sacrificing Billable Hours and Revenue to Marketing Activities

You want your website to be working overtime for you every hour of every day. You need your site to be consistently performing at its peak potential. You don’t want to be wondering if there were things you could have done or should be doing. Worst of all, you don’t want to discover that you’ve been losing considerable business because there were simple things you should have been doing all along. More than anything, you don’t want lost revenue because you’re spending your own working time doing web marketing. You want a situation more like this:

  1. You know exactly what to do and how to do it, regularly guided by an expert. Together, we set your goals. Then, I work with you to put together a marketing strategy—a website marketing plan custom designed for your business—that can deliver those results. You get regular reports on your progress toward those goals, along with interpretation of the meaning of that progress. You have a clear, manageable action plan. You’re not “throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall” hoping something sticks. You can simply keep your focus on your marketing action plan and execute it regularly.
  2. If you have questions or get stuck, you’ve got an “on call” resource. I’m there for you providing samples, checklists, email consultation, and hands-on support to help you execute the plan if needed. You get free email support for quick answers to questions or to clear up confusion. You don’t have to waste your valuable time figuring things out. I’m there for you. If you get sucked into the distraction of other marketing ideas, we keep you focused on what’s right for your business.
  3. You generate new revenue through your targeted marketing efforts. Your time is free to deliver services to clients. You no longer waste valuable work hours “trying out” this and that marketing strategy. You have clear and simply delineated marketing activities to accomplish. You’re not being pulled in all directions by the latest marketing tool or social media platform. Someone else spends their time researching new ideas and provides you that information in actionable steps. You see the results of your marketing activities showing up in new clients and revenue.

The Peak Performance Package Delivers Ongoing Website Success

Bridge the Gap Between Website Launch and Website Results

Before I created this website promotion and support package, it started to seem that just building outstanding websites wasn’t enough. I’d watch my clients go off thrilled with their new websites. Then they’d simply let the site “sit there,” attracting no new visitors and contributing nothing to their business.

If my clients’ sites don’t bring them all the business they could handle, wasn’t I doing only half the job for them? How does it make sense to send them off with a great site, but without the knowledge and support to get the maximum results possible? After all, you don’t buy a website just to have a website. You build a website to bring in new business and more revenue.

The Peak Performance package turns your basic website into a strategic marketing platform where you attract and connect with your ideal clients. It is an ongoing web support relationship that provides the guidance and technical expertise you need to realize the full potential of your website. We keep the focus on your main web marketing strategy and objectives, whether that means improving your search ranking, growing your targeted site traffic or increasing your email subscription rate. Every action is measured against  those objectives to consistently improve your web marketing results.

Results and Benefits You Can Expect

Don’t Struggle Alone Trying to Make the Most of Your Website Investment

What would it be worth to you to have a dedicated web professional consulting with you about your ongoing web marketing strategy? Imagine discovering what’s working (and not) early on, getting targeted advice, and having support in fixing what could work better. What if you could get such support from the moment your site was launched—from the same person who built your site? What if you didn’t have to explain how your site has been built for marketing, but your consultant was already intimate with the details of your site?

Let’s look at some of the unique benefits of this package.

  • Your site presence and search rankings grow from day one. To ensure the solid launch of your site, we use a combination of approaches, from simple meta tags to designing an email campaign. Your site gets the best launch possible, and then gets ongoing “care and feeding” to build and boost your results. You make consistent, measurable progress marketing your site.
  • You have a clear web marketing strategy and it’s implemented consistently. Working together, we plan key web marketing tasks in advance. We commit to specific dates, and consistently follow through for you on the actions that drive your online success. Whether it is regular content updates, timely email communications, or regular blog posts, we create a plan to handle it for you.
  • You don’t get stalled by uncertainty, doubt or inertia. You have a strategic partner committed to your success. You don’t experience the frustration of wondering why your site is not bringing you the leads you want. Together we break every action into manageable steps and set target dates to keep you on track and steadily moving forward. Depending on the strategy at hand, we provide checklists, process flowcharts, or sample materials to make it effortless as possible to see tasks through to completion.
  • You have your own web developer on-call, answering questions and advising you every step of the way. Most businesses are in the dark about how to engage their visitors or enrich the user experience. They’re unaware of ways to automate their internet marketing. Regular consultations with your web developer deliver the direction and inspiration to keep building on your site — and make sure you have someone at the ready to implement improvements. and answers to your web questions.
  • You know what’s happening on your site, and understand what it means. With this package, we track your web results over time. You don’t have to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. You don’t have to interpret the analytics and figure out a solution. We do that for you. We tell you which blog posts bring in new site visitors, and which landing pages get the most newsletter signups. We monitor your search engine rankings, and advise you of specific actions to improve them. We demystify your web results for you—and help you improve those results over time.
  • Your site stays updated, current and secure. We handle the burden of updating and expanding your website. We stay on top of your website security and backups. You’ll always have the resources to add that new page or update your bio photo!

What Do You Get With the Peak Performance Package?

We’ve designed this package for the busy professional who wants guidance and peace-of-mind that their website promotion is on track. It provides a healthy bundle of benefits at a reasonable cost. Here’s the summary of highlights:

  1. We kick things off with an initial conference call to review your starting position, establish your marketing goals, and plan out your first marketing activities.
  2. We conduct one-on-one phone sessions every three months dedicated to addressing your most pressing website and internet marketing questions. Sessions are guided by your unique needs and circumstances but common topics include:
    • Setting your marketing objectives for the next quarter
    • Evaluating the best marketing strategy to meet a specific goal
    • Establishing measurable targets and reporting metrics
    • Mapping out specific steps to implement a given strategy, including checklists, flowcharts, and sample materials
    • Reviewing the results of previous months’ marketing efforts
    • Brainstorming ways to overcome marketing challenges
    • Training to perform website tasks, use third-party tools, and interpret results
  3. Your website tracking goes beyond simple visitor counts with custom tracking metrics. We set up unique, trackable links on your site to monitor user interaction on each page. Then we customize your Google Analytics dashboard to display results tied directly to your website goals.
  4. You get quarterly performance reports based on your specific actions and targets. Raw website statistics tell you WHAT is happening on your site but leave out the WHY. One of the most valuable components of this package is the research, analysis, and interpretation delivered in these reports. Our analysis of your site performance provides that missing interpretation and illuminates where to focus next.
  5. You have unlimited access to a web professional to answer all your web-related questions. In between scheduled calls, getting help is as simple as typing an email. Email inquiries receive a reply within 24-48 hours — usually much quicker (with the exception of holiday periods). If you’ve got a question, we’ll find the answer.
  6. You receive priority access along with 10% off our regular hourly rate on all website development and marketing work. Your work is first in line on the schedule and you benefit from discounted rates not available to other pay-as-you-go clients. Our sessions will reveal many opportunities you’ll want to take action on as soon as possible. With this access and support, you can focus on tending to your clients, while I implement your website strategy for you.
  7. SPECIAL BONUS: You get peace of mind about your site security and backups.
    • One thing few people think about is the security of their site. Even small websites are vulnerable to automated random attacks. We protect you in every way possible by reducing opportunities for your site to be compromised while also ensuring that your site can be recovered quickly and efficiently if the worst does happen.
    • Having a current backup stored somewhere other than your web server means you’ll be able to recover if some event should destroy your site or compromise your web host. Your backup files are delivered to you by email (if size allows) as well as saved to your designated online web storage account.

PLUS, If You’ve Ever Tried Promoting a Website Yourself, You’ll Appreciate Our Three-Point Promise

  1. All work is strategically planned to meet clearly-defined objectives. We start by determining your unique site and web marketing goals. This is going to be different for every business, but might include things like increasing new leads for your business, building a strong community of referrers, attracting potential employees, or increasing sales of a specific product. You determine your most important objectives, and we work to achieve them for you. All of your website, blog and email data is measured against the specific actions you want people to take on your site. Then, we recommend and implement the action steps you need to achieve them.
  2. We consistently monitor and review your ongoing web marketing strategy (website, blog, and email newsletter). Before your site can achieve its full potential, you must track how it is performing. You need to know what’s working and what’s not working. Our job is to monitor your results and make those recommendations that ensure your marketing efforts are pinpoint accurate, instead of hit and miss. Right after launch, you can’t expect a lot of visitors to a site until we start to make things happen. By watching your site statistics over time, we turn all that raw data into specific recommendations.
  3. Action items are selected and prioritized by potential ROI, time to implement, and resources required. Our goal is to make sure you get the maximum possible return on your web marketing investment. We won’t be spending time on activities with little return. We review options with you and agree on a plan for the ideal next steps to continually build on your success.

Is This Package Right for You?

Free Yourself From the Day-to-Day Stress of Managing Your Web Marketing Alone

This service is for consultants and professionals who don’t want to manage their website, blog and email newsletter entirely on their own. Your time is too valuable to lose billable hours trying to do it all yourself. It’s not efficient for you to spend your time finding, training, and supervising an assistant. You want the peace of mind of knowing that your web marketing will be done right the first time. You’re ready to focus on your unique gifts and leave web marketing strategy to a professional.

If you’ve ever had a website that didn’t live up to your expectations, you understand the value of this package. Too many websites fail to attract new prospects or to convert them to clients. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why this program might be the perfect investment for you.

  • You don’t know how to consistently attract new business through your web marketing. Without a detailed plan, your marketing suffers from a scattershot approach – trying to do a little bit of everything without a clear idea of why or what you hope to gain. Working with Arch Web Marketing, every action is tied to a specific marketing objective. Every activity is prioritized so that you’re focusing your time on actions most likely to deliver results. I do the work of studying the latest web marketing techniques, and recommend and implement only what’s right for your business.
  • Handling website maintenance tasks consumes too much of your valuable time. Even if you’ve put in the time to know exactly what to do, it’s unlikely you could carry out those activities as well as or as efficiently as a full-time web professional. What an experienced developer could achieve in an hour could easily take you two to three times as long (and take up two or three otherwise billable hours). Think of it this way. You’ve spent a lifetime honing your skills. Would you expect an amateur to be able to deliver services like yours as competently? Enough said!
  • You aren’t doing what it takes to consistently market your services. Without consistency, your chances of cultivating new business from your content marketing are slim. But most days your web marketing takes a back seat to the demands of running your business, serving your clients and staying on top of your industry. When you do have a few minutes, you squeeze in some half-baked effort. Together we plan, assign and schedule every action so you start seeing the results of your content marketing and outreach much faster.
  • You recognize that accessing the right expertise is the smartest thing you could possibly do. I’m a do-it-yourself type and I’ve been guilty of wanting to learn it all and do it all myself. However, what I really want to do is create great websites for my clients, and help them get all the business they can handle. I immerse myself in code, design and online marketing best practice all day, every day. This package gives you access to that knowledge while you keep doing what you do best.
  • It’s a waste of your talent to spend your time trying to do it yourself. Slogging through web updates in your office is not as valuable to you as spending your time meeting new clients and bringing in new business. Sometimes we entrepreneurs have a tendency to spread ourselves too thin and not even recognize how short-sighted that behavior is. If you’re making any money in your business at all, your time is best spent focusing on doing the work you’re passionate about and that brings in the highest revenue. Hire out the web marketing strategy work that isn’t your area of expertise. It’s my passion, and you’ll benefit from my 15 years of experience.

Package Fee

The most important question you likely have is: “How much will this cost me?”

Pricing depends on whether you choose to work with Arch Web Marketing for a full 12-month term or start more slowly with a 3-month commitment. It takes time and ongoing effort to build measurable results. To reward clients for devoting the time needed to make a real difference in their web marketing, you get a 25% discount when you sign up for the one-year plan.

One-year term: $500 per month
3-month term: $669 per month

My Guarantee to You

Your specific web marketing results will depend on many factors, including your industry and target market, your marketing goals, your service offering, and the quality of your site content. The biggest variable will be your own level of involvement and commitment to your ongoing marketing.

We guarantee to always act in good faith to deliver the best possible results through unbiased, well-researched recommendations and regular, dedicated management of your web assets.

If you change your mind about signing up for the Peak Performance package within the first 30 days of your contract, simply let us know and we will cancel the subscription immediately. You will not be billed again beyond the first month’s payment.

Have More Questions?

Signing up for a long-term contract is a commitment. You want to make sure you get the best possible value for your marketing budget. More importantly, you need to know that your web marketing will be managed effectively, reliably and professionally.

The Peak Performance Package is packed with more features and benefits that we can realistically fit on a single page. If you’re interested in the full details or have questions not answered here, click this link to read the Common Questions About the Peak Performance Package [LINK].

Take the Next Step to a Peak Performing Website by Contacting Me

Having read this far, I invite you to take the next step and contact me to discuss specifically how the Peak Performance package can save you time, ease your uncertainty, and help you meet and exceed your web marketing goals.

If you’re shopping for a new website, click over to our Results-Oriented Website Design page to learn all the details of our website creation package. On that page, we explain the results and features you can expect from all of our websites and you can request a free strategy session to discuss your web marketing needs in depth.

If you already have a solid website built in WordPress and are looking for the ideal web partner to grow and manage your existing site, we’ll start exploring a working relationship with a discovery session.

In that session, we’ll talk about your current situation, where you want to be and what’s getting in your way. Whether we decide we’re a good fit to work together or not, you’ll come away with a clearer picture of the exciting possibilities for enhancing your online marketing.

The phone session takes about half an hour —and it’s free. Begin by filling in the short form below. Once I receive your message, I will contact you within 1-2 business days to book our Peak Performance Discovery Session. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Feurer

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