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Alison Lueders

Alison Lueders

Great Green Content

WordPress Training

I had the great good fortune to sit next to Jennifer Feurer at a business conference.I had just moved my website to WordPress, and she is a web designer and WordPress coach. After the conference, she sent a short list of suggestions for my site. They were so helpful that I signed up for an additional hour of coaching.

To say that Jen knows her way around WordPress is an understatement. From plugins to meta tags, SEO to media, I came away with a list of to-do’s that I immediately implemented. Jen is a pleasure to work with and I will absolutely work with her again!

Mark Stempel

Mark Stempel

Encore Wealth Advisors

WordPress Website

I recently relaunched my wealth advisory firm and was looking for someone to do my website for me.  I interviewed 3 firms.  What impressed me about Jennifer, and why I chose to work with her, is because she was interested in what my business was about and what I wanted to convey in my website.

She asked a lot of questions and provided me with a detailed proposal with several options.  She always did what she said that she would and if there were any issues or problems she communicated those to me.

I really felt like I could hand the project over to her and that it would be handled.  I was not disappointed.  She was a pleasure to work with and I am thrilled with the website she produced for me.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer's services!

Ahmed Al Akber

Ahmed Al Akber, Managing Director

ACK Solutions

WordPress Website

Working with Jennifer was great – she is detailed in her answers and provides simple terminology in her strategy sessions. This made me feel that we could easily create and articulate the goal I wanted to achieve with my online presence, whilst leaving the rest to her. She is also very courteous, supportive and I see her as an extension of my own marketing department.
Paul Boston

Paul Boston, Founder and President

Actus Performance Inc.

WordPress Website

My consulting firm helps people, teams and organizations elevate their level of performance. My existing site served as a “web presents” but did not add any marketing value to my consulting firm. I required a new site that was professional-looking and targeted towards my client market. The new site had to inform potential new clients about how I help them and their organization, along with capturing their names and address for my newsletter database.

Jennifer designed and developed a professional-looking site which is easy to navigate allowing visitors to gain insights into who I am and how I can help their organization. Overall Jennifer provides more than just website design and development, she also provides strategic insights on business and web strategy. This allows my site to be an effective business marketing platform as demonstrated by achieving a 50% response rate and visitors spending nearly 4 minutes for an average visit during the launch of my new website.

If you are looking to create a site that encompasses both design creativity and strategy, Jennifer is definitely the person you want to work with.

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, BPW Calgary President

Business and Professional Women’s Club of Calgary

WordPress Website and Support

On behalf of the executive at the Business and Professional Women's Club of Calgary, I want to congratulate you on the excellent work you have done on the club's website. This is exactly what the club needed to increase its visibility and image. You have truly taken us to the next level with your commitment and diligence in meeting tight deadlines.  I know that members are very impressed locally. In fact we have been receiving compliments from other clubs nationally and internationally. Thanks so much.  We couldn't have done it without your expertise and dedication.
Brent Stewart

Brent Stewart, Partner

Leadscape Learning Inc.

WordPress Website and Support

It is a pleasure for me to to recommend Jennifer’s work. We hired her to construct our website after several previous attempts to create a website had left us unsatisfied. From our first contact with her, Jennifer displayed absolute professionalism in everything she did. Every step of the process was clearly defined and mapped – and she delivered every piece on time and on budget, going beyond our expectations in quality and thoroughness (and our expectations were high). In the end we were extremely happy with our site – and extremely impressed with Jennifer. If you are looking for a dependable high-quality web designer, you need look no further. Jennifer is first class.
Deb Beckett

Deb Beckett

Curly's Motocross

WordPress Website Support

Working with Jennifer is a treat. She took over the design and development of our site and has helped us move from being really good to being absolutely fantastic. Jennifer has a very clear approach and great processes to back it up. We felt quite disorganized until we started working with Jennifer. She provided easy-to-use tools for developing our content that have saved us a great deal of time and helped us to have a better understanding of what we are doing. She has also tailored her approach to our needs, which has been fantastic.
Tom Hollon

Tom Hollon


Web Consulting and Support

No shortage exists of web designers who think graphic design is the be all and end all of a great website, all that really matters. What makes Jennifer different is her understanding of how to make a website into a great marketing tool -- which is not at all the same thing and requires knowledge and ability going far beyond graphic design. I've been very impressed with her web marketing advice and anticipation of my needs in getting my website where it needs to be.

John Levy

John Levy

John Levy Consulting

WordPress Website

Arch Web Marketing has given my business a whole new look. Now I feel confident that prospects visiting my site will come away with a sense of who I am and what I offer. With this platform, I'm ready for the next phase of my business.

The mechanics of the site — navigation, maintenance, updates and measurements — are way beyond what I could have generated myself. I appreciate their patient guidance and competent implementation. I look forward to a long and productive relationship based around Arch Web's expertise and good business sense.

People Food

Brent Boeckx, Owner

People Food

WordPress Website and Support

We make gluten free food. We make everything from scratch, we make food better than you do. We put more care in making our food than most everyone. As good as we are with food, I am equally opposite bad when it comes to computers. Arch Web Marketing has been incredibly helpful to us on many levels.

Jennifer has always been there to help out, make things happen, explain what or how to do something. She created our website and is always helping us to make it better and morphing it into whatever we may need as we go along. As we are unlike many businesses, we need our website to be flexible and adaptable – Arch Web Marketing has made this very easy for us.

Overall, I am thrilled to be linked with Arch. No one else has helped us like they have. Take a look at our website and see for yourself, their work is fantastic. I can not imagine doing our website on our own, we were very lost until Arch Web Marketing.

Pam Paquet

Pam Paquet

Pam Paquet & Associates Corporate Training,
Vancouver, BC

Email Marketing and Web Consulting


My business specializes in working with companies who are pretty certain they have the greatest employees on paper, but are frustrated because they have not come together for breakthrough results.  We offer various programs and services to accomplish these changes and improvements – team collaboration program, corporate training, business coaching and keynote speeches.

Our existing website was not getting much traffic, was always out of date and did not allow for creating a client list.  We had many clients and contacts but did not have a system to track them nor connect with them on a regular basis.  Our training sessions and contact also needed to “get with the times” to find alternate ways to communicate and facilitate.


We were looking for a user-friendly site that we could easily update ourselves and a way to track and communicate with clients regularly.  We were also gearing up to add a shopping cart for services and products not far down the road.

Our first conversation with Arch Web Marketing to describe our problems and clarify our needs was great.  Jennifer asked a million questions to narrow down our focus and clearly understand what we were attempting to achieve.  This was much different than most “fill out a form” techniques we were subjected to by other providers. We appreciated her time and personal interest in our business and goals.


Jennifer addressed each of our issues one-by-one and provided detailed suggestions to help us meet our marketing objectives. As we updated the website, she remained available to offer guidance and responded quickly to all of our questions.

Jennifer also connected us with a robust email newsletter tool to let us easily stay in touch with our subscribers. As a result, we are growing our mailing list and regularly connecting with both clients and prospects.

We now have a website that is well branded and effectively engages our target market. Best of all, we now have a much clearer vision for our online marketing and the shopping option is just around the corner.

Melody Charlton, Just Wiz It Bookkeeping

Melody Charlton

Just Wiz it Bookkeeping Inc., Calgary, AB

WordPress Website

Jennifer and Arch Web Marketing have been great to work with. Jennifer was able to accommodate my needs for the website within a small timeframe and never made me feel that I was asking too much. Jennifer understood my need to want to be a part of this new adventure as much as possible and was able to guide me to do so. She then was there to help tidy it up and make the website pop. As a bookkeeper whose business it is to work with my own clients and their needs, it was nice to see that someone else had that same mindset. Thanks Jen, you rock!

beltz 4 kidz

Jana Mosher

beltz 4 kidz

Ecommerce Website

I can't thank you enough for all that you have done! You are a true professional and I couldn't have done this without you! If I ever have the opportunity to recommend your services I will definitely do so.
The Message Parlour

Blair Cosgrove

The Message Parlour

Email Marketing

Arch Web Marketing far exceeded my expectations. They customized my newsletter in response to my needs. Their technical expertise and know-how about email marketing was top-notch. And their response times and overall level of customer service were flawless. I've rarely experienced that level of customer service combined with such technical expertise. I evaluated some of the dominant email marketing firms, but I chose Arch Web Marketing for its ease-of-use and easy access to the staff. I made the right choice.
Kathryn Bechthold

Kathryn Bechthold, Publisher

The Mompreneur Networking Group Inc

Custom Website

Hiring Arch Web Marketing was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my company. Having a well designed, search engine optimized site has increased my sales and my monthly pageviews enormously. Not only are things done quickly and efficiently but they are done with a creativity that entices my clients to spend more time on my site. I would recommend Arch Web Marketing to anyone who is looking to use their website as the main driver for their business.

Trish Jagger, Membership Coordinator

Women in Film and Television Alberta

Custom Website

As a small, non-profit arts organization, Women in Film & Television Alberta was in a constant struggle to build and maintain a professional looking yet easy to use website, until we found Jennifer at Arch Web Marketing. She embodied everything we celebrate as an organization and we were thrilled that she agreed to help us through lending her expertise. With an extremely limited budget and the challenge of working with an existing framework, she was able to design a website that meets all of our needs. In addition, she is always available to ask questions when needed! We would highly recommend Arch Web Marketing.

H. M.

Paralegal Services

Custom Website

I retained the services of Ms. Jennifer Feurer and Arch Web Marketing for the creation of our company website. I am delighted with the website design and all around “look” of the final result! It is highly functional, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Ms. Feurer offered outstanding customer service, and answered many of my questions time and time again! She is highly creative and offered excellent suggestions in the creation of our “corporate presence” on the world wide web. In addition, she took the time to get to know me, our business and the type of services we offered, and was able to convey our mission statement and customer service standards, with conviction and sincerity. The timing and completion of the work was outstanding as well. Within 1 week of retaining her services, the initial website was ready for viewing and only required minor revisions to reach final upload. I would highly recommend Ms. Feurer and Arch Web Marketing for any web-related assignments and will continue to use their services as our company grows, and our website grows!

Don MacNeil

Challenger Geomatics

Newsletter Communications

Arch Visual worked with us (Challenger Geomatics) to define a brand and image that supported our goals and vision. Our mission statement was that we were the company others benchmarked against. Arch Visual made our newsletter look like it set the industry standard for quality, content and professionalism - mission accomplished.  
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