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Results-Driven Website Design Package

You Want a Website That Brings You New Business

Is your website failing to bring in new leads or return the investment you’ve made? My “guesstimate” is that as many as 75-80% of business websites fail to bring in new revenue. You’ve invested in a site, and you’ve been waiting for the phone to ring. To build your business, you need to make ongoing, consistent efforts to get that jingle to happen.

Your Website Must Help You Develop Ongoing Relationships With Prospects

Successful marketing and selling has always been built on relationships. Your website should allow you to develop and build relationships with potential clients. If not, you’re wasting your website investment. When you understand how marketing works, you know you’ve got to consistently be in front of your target market, and demonstrate your expertise to them. To do this successfully, your website must be capable of supporting your ongoing marketing activities.

Three Big Mistakes You Must Avoid With Your Website

I’m passionate about providing website designs that can deliver new clients to your business. In the decades I’ve worked online, I’ve seen all kinds of situations with clients and their business sites. The worst three mistakes I’ve seen will cause you to lose business opportunities.

  1. Your business has no website, or your site is out of date. Let’s face it, if your business doesn’t have a website, no one knows it exists. Just as big a problem is when a site describes your business as it was months or years ago. You’re embarrassed by having to make excuses and give explanations. It doesn’t make you look very professional. Even worse—that out-of-date information slows down your marketing and sales cycle. Your site causes prospects to mistrust your business.
  2. You can’t stay in touch with your target market because of site limitations. Your site is old, and doesn’t have a blog built in. You don’t have a way to capture leads, or to build a list that you can market to regularly. It’s difficult, maybe even impossible for a site visitor to figure out how to contact you—to talk about buying your services. You want your website to have the latest internet marketing tools, but you don’t want to take your focus away from making money in your business.
  3. Your website project turns into a “money pit”. If you’ve built a website or two for your business, you know website projects can have runaway budgets. The designer goes away to their cubbyhole and does mysterious work. Before you know it, you’ve got a huge bill—and the website doesn’t really do what you need. You’re afraid of pouring money into a site and ending up unsatisfied.

It’s Time Your Website Produced Results — New Leads and Clients

Here’s What’s Critical to a Successful Site

You have to get a new website done, or it’s going to cost dearly. You’ve been putting it off. Now, you’re ready to build your business, reach out to a new target market, launch new services, or expand massively. You can’t do that with your current site (or lack of site). Here’s what you want from your new site.

  1. You want a website design that presents a full, current picture of your business. You want to feel pride when you send prospects to a professional and comprehensive site. It must be easy for site visitors to navigate without confusion. You want them impressed with the “look” and ideas on your site. You want potential clients to contact you to talk about your business. You’re looking for a site that sells your business 24/7, and gives prospects everything they need to know to buy from you.
  2. You want a website that enables relationship marketing. You want a blog built into the site that has the same look as your site. You’re going to capture leads and market regularly to those on your list. You want prospective clients to be able to easily contact you to talk about your services.  More than anything, your website project must not consume your working time. You want to have the latest marketing tools on your site, but you don’t want to lose time away from making money.
  3. You need to be in control of your website project budget. You must be able to budget for your site and pay for it as you go. You don’t want to write a blank check while someone keeps working and adding things to the site. You require all the marketing features to be built into the proposal from the beginning. You aren’t up for any surprise costs, and you want the website on time, without dragging out for months.

Results-Driven Website Design Package

This Is Our Core Website Package

There’s nothing “basic” about this website design. It includes EVERYTHING you need for a website that supports and simplifies your marketing. The more websites I built in my career, the more I realized that providing all the features in this site is the bare minimum every service business should have.

My Clients’ Needs Drove Me to Create This Package

Finally I realized that clients were looking for guidance about effective web marketing. I decided to step up and create exactly what every service business needs in a website. Empowering my clients with the marketing tools they need is my most important consideration. Even if your business isn’t ready right now to use all the features, your business will grow into this site. You won’t have to start from scratch again in a few years.

Our Websites Have Every Marketing Tool Built In

Extensive research and study has led to a website that maximizes your ability to market. From your viewpoint, this may seem complex or confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We will show you how easy it can be to use your website to build rapport with your target market, and to win them as new clients.

This Site Enables Easy Content Generation and Relationship Marketing

If you are going to succeed with web marketing, there are two methods you must be aware of and embrace. Those two primary methods are content generation and relationship marketing.

  • Content generation means that you regularly provide fresh content to your site. This content is aimed at solving the problems that your target market seeks to resolve, and positioning you as an expert.
  • Relationship marketing means that you communicate consistently with your target market and, over time, develop relationships with them. They develop trust and loyalty, because of the information you provide to them.

Blog and Email Newsletter Tools Are Key to Attracting Your Target Market

Our sites have blogs, and email newsletter signups built in. These are your most effective tools to generate new content, and to get that new content in front of your target market. Blogs and newsletters make it possible for you to add traffic-generating content, and express your unique voice. You can target and stay in touch with ideal clients, and optimize your site content for search engines. These elements are the key to attracting and influencing your target audience.

Once you have your new website design, you have the means to educate potential clients about the problems they are desperate to solve. By being the one with plenty of answers, it becomes a lot easier for you to attract, retain, and convert prospects online. Using the built-in marketing system, you can position yourself as the “go to” person —THE resource— about the solutions you provide. You use your blog and newsletter to position your business as the answer to their problems.

You Also Enjoy These Benefits From Our Sites

When you select this website package, you also get a long list of benefits. Our sites are built to provide you the tools for success in marketing your business. We also make a point of ensuring that your website project is as painless as possible.

  • You have freedom from agonizing about the technical details. We take care of the code, while you focus on the fun parts of getting your big-picture goals and running your business. You won’t have the worry and fretting that so often accompanies a new website project. We will handle almost everything for you.
  • You stay focused on earning business revenue— not your website project. We recognize that it costs you when you take time away from doing the work you love. We’ve set up efficient processes so that you don’t get bogged down in your web site project. We make sure you’re free to keep making money.
  • You also get a site maintenance handbook, plus online training videos. We make sure that you have —in written form— all the information you need to “drive” your new site, or to have someone do it for you. Whoever works on the site can access relevant videos directly in the dashboard.  You know how to access your site, and how to change the content.
  • We give you the ability to track your web results over time. We also set up tracking tools so that you are able to monitor your site statistics and know how your site is performing.  We make sure you can track what’s working and what’s not – see which blog posts attract the most new readers, which landing pages get the most newsletter signups,  and whether your web traffic increases over time or at certain periods.

Look At All These Extras You Get!

Finally, we include an assortment of “extras” that you need, but might not even know to ask for. We want to make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running. Here are just a few of the extras we include that are not so obvious:

  • Domain and web host setup — If you need help registering your domain name or selecting a web host, we can handle that for you.  Everything is registered in your name, not ours, so you have full ownership. Once the site is ready, we make sure you receive all the logins and passwords to fully manage the site.
  • Initial keyword research to use when you’re creating content for the site and writing blog posts — We start off with keyword research. From the beginning, your keywords are incorporated into the content of the site. You also know what highly searched keywords to use in your blog posts to attract traffic.
  • Welcome messages for new subscribers set up on autoresponders — We provide the series of messages you use to guide subscribers through your newsletter signup process. We set up the autoresponders so that the process is automated.
  • We handle the technical details for your optional download  You don’t have to figure out how to make that happen. You provide the download document, and we make it work.
  • Search optimized page titles and descriptions — These are key to driving traffic to your site. We’ve seen sites climb the search rankings just by changing their page titles and descriptions. We make sure that these hidden pieces of information are working for you.
  • We help you find images to enhance your site — Your site might benefit from additional photos or graphics to add interest to your content. We guide you to the best sources for inexpensive, royalty-free images. We can often find the perfect photo to illustrate the point you’re making.
  • Backup and security tools — We set your site up to automatically backup every single week and email you a copy of the backup. In addition, upfront we secure your site every way possible so you have peace of mind. Then all you have to do is keep the software up-to-date with the latest release.

Here’s a Quick Summary of How This Website Design Package Works

I’ll give you a quick run through of how this website design package works. It’s only a summary. If you’ve gotten this far and are seriously considering working with me, you want to click on this link Complete Details of the Results-Driven Website Package (link) and examine the full package in detail.  Here’s a quick summary.

  • We have a complementary strategy session. We talk about your needs and what you want from a site and how we could help you.
  • We come to agreement about the project scope, timing and budget. I submit a proposal to you and we finalize the details. Once we’ve agreed, we set the official start date
  • That date starts the website design process. On the start date, I begin the project and work to realize your vision for your business website. Meanwhile, you (or your copywriter) work on completing your website copy based on the agreed site outline.
  • You approve the layout and submit the content. Together we view the website while doing a walkthrough over the phone. At this point, the site has “dummy” content to give you a solid representation of what it will look like when it is finished. It’s now ready for me to import and format all your copy and images.
  • As the site nears completion, you get another review. At this point, the site is almost finished. Again, we walk through every page, and look at everything while talking on the phone. This is your last chance for changes before launch.
  • You approve the site and it is launched. Once you give me the “go ahead”, your site is launched and visible to the world. As simply as that, you have a new business website.

Are You Wondering If This Package Is Right for Your Business?

Results-Driven Website Design Package

This package is specifically designed for professionals and business owners who have built their businesses around their passions in life. It is intended to empower you to share your talents with enthusiasm, and demonstrate the unique value of the services you provide your clients.

The Package Is Customized to Meet Specific Marketing Goals

We want to be your partner in attracting business, revenue and new clients. This website package has been created to support you in that effort. It gives you the functionality you need to:

  • Position your service or business as an expert or leader in your field, setting you apart from the competition.
  • Ensure that you attract, educate and retain more customers online.
  • Continuously develop and add fresh content across all online media.
  • Easily track, measure and improve website and online marketing results and ROI.

Take the Next Step to Online Success by Contacting Me

Having read this far, I invite you to take the next step and complete the short contact form below.

After learning a bit more about your business goals and challenges, we will schedule a Web Presence Strategy Session, with no cost or obligation to use our service.

In that session, we’ll map out the ideal ways to promote your business online and where to best focus your time and money for maximum results. Whether or not you decide to work with Arch Web Marketing, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the exciting possibilities for your internet marketing.

The phone session will take between half an hour and an hour—and it’s free. Fill in the questionnaire so we can book our Web Presence Strategy Session. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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