A-Z Topic Ideas: Artist, Astrologer, Author

Blog Topic Ideas: Artist, Astrologist, Author
These three occupations are all creative professions. By using your blog to share your personal story and life experiences, you can distinguish yourself from other artists, authors, and astrologers. Those insider details help you forge a connection with readers and ultimately attract more people to your work.


Audience objectives:

  • art collectors / consumers — to grow a fan base of “insiders” who feel connected to you and your work; stay top of mind and get your art in front of interested, appreciative, potential buyers
  • gallery owners & dealers / artist representatives or agents / corporate purchasers — to set yourself apart from other artists; demonstrate your expertise and mastery; demonstrate marketability and the ability/motivation to gain wider recognition; maintain relationships with frequent or large-scale buyers

Blog topic ideas:

  • describe how (and why) you create your art – your creative process and influences – including plenty of images
  • discuss how you select your medium and subject for each project
  • demonstrate your technical methods for creating your art (ideally suited to a video blog)
  • share answers to the questions you’re asked most frequently by your audience
  • behind-the-scenes glimpses into life as an artist
  • analyze specific works of art, highlighting various techniques used
  • review and comment on art, books and exhibitions
  • look at your favourite artist (or art medium)
  • feature artist interviews or guest bloggers sharing details about their artistic specialties
  • art world news and trends
  • showcase your new works and series
  • promote upcoming exhibits and sales
  • announce art workshops or group lessons
  • show works in progress, demonstrating a work from start to finish
  • invite feedback, ideas and suggestions

Real-world examples: Inside the Studio and Same Old Art

Bonus for aspiring and professional artists: Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee provides excellent suggestions on using the web to market your work.


Audience objectives:

  • newcomers to astrology — to inspire readers to want to learn more about themselves – their strengths, abilities, latent talents, and behavioural patterns
  • past clients — to stay top of mind and encourage clients to return for updated readings and perspective on upcoming life and business events

Blog topic ideas:

  • monthly love and career prospects for each zodiac sign (also a great opportunity to extend your blog to your email newsletter, make a personal connection with subscribers, and offer a taste of your individualized services)
  • overview of the characteristics of each sign
  • tips for understanding how to interact with other people – such as a spouse, child, parent, boss or employee – based on their zodiac signs
  • analysis of current and upcoming planetary influences – the environment we will be entering, whether conditions will change, when they might change and, if so, how they will change
  • how to take advantage of short- and long-term trends and cycles
  • ideal dates / timing for new ventures, making purchases, and other life events
  • guide to help readers better understand their responses to their environment
  • success stories about electional or synastry readings, examples of how your readings help ensure a positive outcome
  • explain the different types of readings and packages that you offer and when each is best used
  • promote your publications, lessons, and workshops
  • announce opportunities for in-person readings, group sessions or gatherings
  • celebrity horoscopes and personality traits based on zodiac sign

Real-world examples: LUA Astrology and Big Sky Astrology

Author (business, health, lifestyle, fiction, children’s books)

Audience objectives:

  • fans — to share and connect with readers while growing your fan base, build anticipation for your new works, and attract new readers unfamiliar with your books
  • agents & publishers — to showcase your carefully cultivated author platform and global community of readers

Blog topic ideas:

  • excerpts from recently published materials, noting your references and sources of inspiration
  • previews from upcoming works, to build audience anticipation
  • upcoming events, appearances, book signings, and speaking engagements
  • commonly asked audience questions from readings and book signings
  • supporting materials, research and sources, particularly for business books
  • “behind-the-scenes” glimpses into your characters, stories and writing process
  • expanded research and story threads not included in your books
  • interesting or amusing anecdotes arising out of your work, research or public appearances
  • share what’s on your bookshelf – your favourite books and authors
  • work out new ideas and material in short form

Real-word examples: Anne R. Allen and Tim Ferriss

Bonus: If you’re an author unconvinced about the value of blogging to build your personal brand, check out Belinda Pollard’s great article on “Do authors really need to blog?

What is the A-Z Blog Topic Ideas series all about?

Throughout the year, I’ll brainstorm blog topic ideas for a variety of service-based professionals and small businesses. Use these writing topics to spark an idea for your next business blog post!

If any of these ideas inspire an upcoming blog post, please share it in the comments below!

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