Responsive Web Design Video Demo

Responsive Web Design Examples If you read our last post, Your Quick Guide to Responsive Web Design, you might be wondering how responsive web design applies to your own website.

  • What should you focus on when planning a responsive layout for your website?
  • What’s the best way to present the main content areas on your site?
  • How should you arrange the menu bar to fit a narrow mobile screen?
  • Should you resize the images or remove them altogether?

To answer those questions and more, this video presents a variety of responsive design examples and demonstrates options for (re)flowing text areas and menu items, sizing images and fonts, and prioritizing content for various screen sizes.

After seeing the benefits of responsive design in action, you’re likely eager to see how your website stacks up. Check out the tool at which does a fantastic job of showing how your current site looks on various screen widths and devices. If you’re not satisfied with what you see, give me a call and we’ll discuss options for improving your website to engage with all visitors regardless of how or where they view your site.

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